Scroll to the bottom to complete the online team application. Once submitted, you will be directed to a "Team Checkout page". At that point, choose from multiple options for each contest.

Teams may use the following online form to apply for several different contests. If you would like to print and return a PDF application and pay by mail/fax/email, or for more information -- including Cook's Packet -- on specific contests, click on the links below:

  • April 27-28 – New Jersey KnoQ-out (Blairstown, NJ) – KCBS + Surf & Turf Challenge

  • May 18-19 [NEW DATES!!] – Nor’Easter BBQ Showdown - DAY 1 & DAY 2 (Plymouth, MA) – KCBS Double-header

  • August 3-4 [CANCELLED!!] – Smoke In The Woods (Galway, NY) – KCBS + Surf & Turf Challenge

  • September 7-8 – Green Mountain BBQ Championship (Randolph, VT) – KCBS + Surf & Turf Challenge

  • September 28-29 [NEW DATES & LOCATION!!] – Ocean State BBQ Championship (Hope Valley, RI) – KCBS + Surf & Turf Challenge

    • August 28 Update: This contest is SOLD OUT!! Any interested teams will be placed on a Waiting List in case another team drops out.

  • October 12-13 [NEW DATES & LOCATION!!] – Red White & Q - DAY 1 & DAY 2 (Jackson, NJ) – KCBS Double-header

CLICK HERE for Team Checkout Page


  • Except for Ocean State, each contest's entry fee includes (1) night’s stay at a campground with water, 20+ amp electric, bathrooms, hot showers, and sewage/dump station. Ocean State includes both Friday and Saturday nights in the entry fee. Most campsites are approximately 30'x30'.

  • Teams must enter the 4 main contest categories to be eligible for Grand and Reserve Grand Champion.

  • Click here for 2019 KCBS RULES & REGULATIONS

  • BACKYARD OR AMATEUR TEAMS: Campground BBQ doesn't currently offer any dedicated Backyard or Amateur contests, but we will allow teams to enter 1 to 3 categories at a pro-rated price to "get your feet wet." You will be judged against all teams but the new teams who have done this found it extremely helpful to see how they place against more experienced teams, and are able to talk to their peers about how to improve their cook. We like to foster new teams, so contact us if you're interested in only doing a few categories.

  • Contests may have an optional 5th category; teams must provide all supplies unless noted otherwise, and the category is an additional $15 fee, which will be used to pay out to 3rd place.

  • KCBS contests can be held with either full payment or $75 nonrefundable deposit, paid in full 30 days prior.

  • KCBS PRIZE PURSE: The prize purse for each KCBS contests starts at $4,000, but will increase by $1,000 for every 5 teams according to the following levels, plus possible sponsor add-ons:

    • 25 teams = $4,000 (paid to 8th place) — $900 GC / $700 RGC / $120 1st

    • 30 teams = $5,000 (paid to 8th place) — $1,050 GC / $850 RGC / $140 1st

    • 35 teams = $6,000 (paid to 10th place) — $1,200 GC / $1,000 RGC / $250 #3 overall / $150 1st

    • 40 teams = $7,000 (paid to 10th place) — $1,300 GC / $1,100 RGC / $400 #3 overall / $180 1st

    • 45 teams = $8,000 (paid to 12th place) — $1,500 GC / $1,200 RGC / $600 #3 overall / $180 1st

    • 50 teams = $9,000 (paid to 12th place) — $1,500 GC / $1,200 RGC / $600 #3 overall / $210 1st

    • 55 teams = $10,000 (paid to 15th place) — $1,500 GC / $1,200 RGC / $600 #3 overall / $225 1st

    • 60 teams = $11,000 (paid to 15th place) — $1,500 GC / $1,200 RGC / $600 #3 overall / $240 1st

  • SURF & TURF CHALLENGE: The Surf & Turf Challenge is a non-sanctioned, just-for-fun contest open to both BBQ teams and campers, and cooked on ANY heat source. Each Surf & Turf Challenge will feature different categories at each contest location but uses KCBS judging criteria of Taste, Tenderness/Texture and Appearance. The Challenge takes place at 3pm and 3:30pm on Saturday afternoon and will be judged by non-participating teams and seasonal campers. The goals are to have fun and introduce new people to BBQ competitions. The cost to participate is $50 for one category / $75 for both, and teams must provide their own meat and supplies. 60% of entry fees go to the cash purse and will be paid out to 3rd in each category. Grand Champion, Reserve Grand and 1st in each category will earn trophies. Only teams cooking both categories are eligible for Grand and Reserve. Surf & Turf categories will include:

    • April 27 – New Jersey KnoQ-out: Shrimp (Surf), Ribeye Steak (Turf)

    • September 7 – Green Mountain BBQ Championship: Clam Chowder (Surf), NY Strip (Turf)

    • September 28 – Ocean State BBQ Championship: Crab (Surf), Top Sirloin (Turf)


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August 28 Update for Ocean State (RI) contest: This contest is SOLD OUT!! Any interested teams will be placed on a Waiting List in case another team drops out.
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Some contests may open up to the public as “mini-festivals” with BBQ vending, craft breweries, and local musicians. Additional vending permits may be required from state and local authorities, and information will be provided to interested teams. CHECK ANY OPTIONS BELOW:
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In consideration of acceptance of this entry, I the undersigned intend to be legally bound, hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages I may have against Campground BBQ, Kansas City Barbecue Society, host campground, or any individual or group responsible for the organization or management of any Campground BBQ contests. I hereby grant permission for Campground BBQ and/or agents authorized by them to use any photographs, recordings and any other record of these events for any legitimate purpose. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of Campground BBQ, each individual contest, and KCBS (copies may be requested).
Date of Team Application Submission *
Date of Team Application Submission
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Teams do not have to apply and pay for all contests at once, but must re-apply later if they add contests. KCBS contests can be held with a $75 nonrefundable deposit, payable in the Team Checkout page for each contest. Some competitions are multi-day contests, with each day a separate championship. Teams also can compete in optional 5th categories at certain contests for an additional fee. August 28 Update for Ocean State (RI) contest: This contest is SOLD OUT!! Any interested teams will be placed on a Waiting List in case another team drops out.