got a hankerin' for some bbq?

In 2018, many of the Campground BBQ Contests will open up as "mini-festivals", allowing camping and BBQ enthusiasts to meet teams, sample from local craft breweries, try some BBQ, and meet relevant cooking, RV and camping vendors. These mini-festivals will not be large events with kid's activities, bands and tons of vendors, but they will be a great chance to connect BBQ and camping enthusiasts together. Public attendees are welcome to visit teams and talk about barbecue, but please understand that between 11 am-1:30 pm on contest days, teams are less likely to be sociable because they are rushing to make last-minute tweaks to their dishes.

From 1:30 pm-3:30 pm, after the main contest entries have officially been submitted, some teams will vend Competition Samples of beef brisket, pork, chicken and pork ribs; additional BBQ vendors may be present and serving throughout the day. Campground day passes will be required but the price varies by campground. To sample a few ounces of BBQ from teams, attendees need to purchase Tasting Tickets for $5 each at the campground front office; non-team BBQ vendors will charge by the dish. After vending ends, stick around and cheer on the winning teams at the awards ceremony. Parking is limited at each campground, and based on a first-come basis.

The following Campground BBQ Contests will open up to public attendees:

April 21-22 (sat & Sun) -- Nor'Easter BBQ Showdown -- Plymouth, MA

  • CAMPGROUND OPENS: 10a-5p both days
  • LOCATION: Sandy Pond Campground, Plymouth MA
  • PRICE: $5 per adult / $3 per kid, which covers the campground day pass -- talk to the BBQ teams, sample some beverages, visit the ponds, and let the kids play on the huge Jump Pillow and more.
  • BBQ VENDOR: Morrell's BBQ (Stoughton MA) -- offering authentic rib tips, pulled pork, beef ribs, hot dogs, sides and more!!

June 23-24 (sat & Sun) -- Smoke In The Woods -- Galway, NY

September 8-9 (sat & Sun) -- Green Mountain BBQ Championship -- randolph, vt

Last year, our teams sold out of their Competition Samples, so this year, we're adding a pulled pork People's Choice contest on Saturday, Sept. 8, as well as several BBQ vendors!! Taste either 5 or 10 samples and vote on your favorite! On Sunday, teams will again be selling Competition Samples that were prepared for the contest.

Parking is limited, as are the People's Choice samples, so get your tickets online now, as they probably will not be available if you just show up! Saturday tickets include the campground day pass and either 5 or 10 complimentary pulled pork samples. Sunday tickets include the campground day pass and either 1 or 2 Tasting Tickets for team Competition Samples; additional Tasting Tickets can be purchased on-site.

OCTOBER 20-21 (sat & Sun) -- OCEAN STATE BBQ Championship -- WEST KINGSTON, RI

  • LOCATION: Wawaloam Campground, West Kingston RI